Helga Wolfenstein King

Helga Wolfenstein King

contemporary & holocaust art

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Thank you for visiting HelgaKing.com.

This fine art memorial website is lovingly curated by
Helga Wolfenstein King's very proud daughter.

The purposes of this website are to:

  • Exhibit & sell contemporary & Holocaust-themed art by Helga Wolfenstein King (1922 - 2003)
  • Exhibit Holocaust art & artifacts of Helga Wolfenstein from Theresienstadt / Terezin in Czechoslovakia
  • Exhibit Holocaust art by Peter Kien / Petr Kien from Theresienstadt / Terezin in Czechoslovakia

For information about art & artifacts on this site, prices, Helga Wolfenstein King,
Peter Kien / Petr Kien, or the Terezin / Theresienstadt concentration camp in Czechoslovakia,
or to provide or improve on German or Czech translations into English,
please contact:

Judy M. King

Judy M. King

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